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Agency Services:

Choice Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency in both Oregon and Washington. We work with birth parents who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies and come alongside them to provide support, education and empowerment as they make a decision about their pregnancy. We also help recruit, train and prepare prospective adoptive families as they hope and plan to grow their families through adoption.

We believe our mission is a necessary one; as so many people are faced with unintended pregnancies and often feel like they have two options: parenting or termination. We want to re-educate our communities on the beauty of adoption when parenting isn't an option. We have local infant, national, foster care and independent adoption programs.

• Domestic Adoption
• Foster Child Adoption
• Home Studies
• Pregnancy-Options Counseling
• Post-Placement Counseling & Support
• Reunion Support & Mediation Services
• Adoption-related Education & Resources

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