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Who We Are


The Coalition of Oregon Adoption Agencies (COAA) is comprised of adoption agencies licensed in the State of Oregon, as well as adoption professionals that provide educational and support services to individuals and families impacted by adoption. The Oregon Department of Human Services participates in an advisory role.

What We Do


COAA members meet quarterly and work cooperatively. We believe that each member agency becomes more effective in addressing the needs of adoptees, birth parents, and families formed through adoption when we support each other. We value the diversity of our member organizations and the variety of services they offer. Our members bring their unique insights in our efforts to:


  • Promote ethical practices.

  • Educate our communities about adoption.

  • Stay abreast of legislation that impacts adoption.

  • Share information and resources regarding adoption practices and issues related to adoption.

  • Provide networking, support, and educational opportunities for member agencies.

  • Support continued awareness and responsiveness to the changing landscape of adoption and the perspectives shared by those impacted by adoption.

  • Maintain a collaborative relationship with the larger child welfare system as we work together to support the needs of children and families.


We welcome new members to participate in our shared goals. Since COAA does not maintain any staff nor permanent physical location, please direct questions about coalition membership to COAA President Suzie Williams at


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