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Agency Services:

Boys & Girls Aid specializes in services for both private infant adoption and foster care adoption. We offer open adoptions and free, unbiased all-options pregnancy counseling.

Each adoption is unique, and each openness agreement is unique as well. We support birth parents in choosing the degree of openness that feels right for them and help facilitate that connection with the adoptive family. Boys & Girls Aid offers lifelong post-adoption support for adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth parents.

We are pro-choice and are not religiously affiliated. As Oregon’s first agency to facilitate adoptions with LGBTQIA+ couples and individuals, Boys & Girls Aid has led LGBTQIA+ inclusive adoptions for over 30 years.

Contact us at (503) 542-2333 or visit for more information.

• Domestic Adoption
• Foster Child Adoption
• Home Studies
• Pregnancy-Options Counseling
• Post-Placement Counseling & Support
• Reunion Support & Mediation Services
• Adoption-related Education & Resources

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